are not as difficult as they’re cracked up to be.

Accounting for taste

Everybody loves restaurants.

But very few accountants and bookkeepers actually work with them. Which is a great opportunity. Maybe you’re wondering if it’s even possible to turn the owners you like as people or the businesses you like to visit into the clients you love to work with?

It’s possible! In fact, that’s what Accounting for Taste is all about.

Six weeks of practical guidance on serving the restaurant niche.

Not just a course or coaching. Beyond a master class or mastermind. More than a workshop, fixed system, or tech stack. Instead, Accounting for Taste combines the best of all of these approaches to create a living field guide for serving restaurant clients.

You’ll learn core concepts, gain industry knowledge, map hidden potential and pitfalls, and engage with workable solutions. But Accounting for Taste is more than just a collection of niche recipes.

Along the way, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to cook up your own solutions. In the end, you’ll be serving up the kind of clarity and guidance that restaurant clients crave.

So what is Accounting for Taste?

Live Group


Deep Dives & Discussion


Topic Courses

Accountable Progress

Action Steps

& Take-Aways

Use What You Learn


Office Hours

Real Time Guidance









Topic tour


Why restaurants & bars?

A quick peek at the Accounting for Taste field trip and why a client niche in restaurants might be for you!


Part One

Who are these folks?

A look into the culture, tools, and workflows of this unique niche. These impact every aspect of our work. Once you get it, restaurants become the best niche around.

Part One

Part Two

What matters most.

The KPIs, metrics, and reporting vital to restaurants and bars. Plus, what these clients tend to worry over vs what they really want.

Hint: they aren’t always the same!

Part Two

Part Three

How to make it work.

Setting up internal systems that make your work on what matters easier. But also finding workflows that make it easier for your clients to get on board and be consistently engaged.

Part Three

Part Four

Where to draw the lines.

Every client base has its challenges!

We’ll explore strategies for things like pricing, scope, finding clients, and defining a micro-niche. Hint: it begins with our own mental shift.

Part Four

And then…

When to leap!

After six weeks you’ll have the tools and training you need to serve restaurant clients with clarity and confidence. And you’ll have another four months within the community that has learned along with you and is cheering you on.

And then…

  • 25+ years working closely with restaurants on their money and data
  • A full spectrum of client types – from food stalls to fine dining.
  • Consistent concierge level services + consults = a huge variety of uncommon experiences
  • Years of ongoing advocacy, instruction, and innovation within the accounting space – focused on restaurants, reporting, advisory, and making our work with clients rewarding.

Hi! I’m Kristen and I love restaurant clients. In fact, restaurants are my first language, accounting and bookkeeping is my second.

For over 25 years I have been helping restaurants understand their finances better. And for the last 10 I’ve helped accountants and bookkeepers understand their restaurant clients better. I can’t seem to stop thinking about how to translate between these two communities I love.

They are the “X” I can’t stop solving for…

That’s why I am so excited to finally be offering this living field guide experience to my colleagues in the accounting community. Anyone who knows me knows I’m sold out for the restaurant niche and adore sharing about it almost as much as I love solving for it.

What makes this six week field trip particularly special is that it is the first. That means it will be you that helps create it: your responses, feedback, discussions, and questions will shape not just your experience, but also what happens next.

I’d love for you to join me!

Still not sure if Accounting for Taste is right for you? Feel free to reach out with questions or book at 15 minute Q&A session with me!

For more on how Kristen shows up in the accounting and restaurant communities...

A six week walk- through that will transform how you view restaurants.

As a thank you for participating in the Accounting for Taste launch, I am offering $150 OFF any purchase made in full*.

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See you soon!

Accounting for Taste

A field guide to restaurant clients for accountants and bookkeepers.

Field Guide +

Extra, individualized support putting practical guidance into action.

* Payment plan over three installments available. Contact us for details.

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